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James Joyce’s Fiction Debut—
15 Stories of Turn-of-the-Century Dublin Apple iStore Google Books Kobo Books
December 2018 (1914) | Fiction
eBook | $0.99
ISBN: 978-1-938938-37-5

James Joyce’s first published book of fiction, Dubliners peels the genteel outer layers off of turn-of-the-century Dublin and her people, in 15 stories, including the author’s immortal “The Dead.” Described by Joyce as chapters in the moral history of his hometown, the stories collected here form a progression from childhood to maturity, and from private to public spheres.

All of the stories are presented with period photographs of Dublin, including 13 by noted Irish photographer J.J. Clarke, whose portraits of 1900-era Dubliners would become famous for their immediacy and intimacy. A perfect introduction to James Joyce, this landmark work of modern literature remains both accessible and profound, a collection of luminous stories that can be reread again and again.

This Top Five Classics edition of Dubliners features all 15 unabridged stories by James Joyce, formatted as the author intended; 18 illustrative period photographs, including 13 portraits of Dublin by famed photographer J.J. Clarke; an informative introduction; and a detailed author bio.