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A Study in Scarlet


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May 2014 (1887) | Fiction-Mystery
eBook | $0.99
ISBN: 978-1-938938-17-7

A Study in Scarlet is the novel that introduced Sherlock Holmes to the world. This Top Five Classics illustrated edition of Arthur Conan Doyle’s inaugural Holmes adventure features the original illustrations from Beeton’s Christmas Annual by D.H. Friston, plus additional early drawings by George Hutchinson and James Greig, as well as a helpful introduction and author bio.

A Study in Scarlet begins with Dr. John Watson, an injured Afghan war veteran, searching for someone to share lodgings with in 1881 London. He soon meets the enigmatic young Sherlock Holmes, who ushers him into a world of mystery and murder, and of cases too confounding for anyone but this uniquely gifted consulting detective to solve. Two killings in London have Scotland Yard perplexed, and the solution Holmes reveals takes the reader on a journey to America’s Wild West in the 1850s and beyond.